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Turn up the Volume!

KISS: I’ve heard of the band.  I knew that one of their members also works as a financial adviser.  I never knew what songs they had actually written – until last week, when my new colleague told about this one. Long live those painted faces!

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The Chuckle Brothers

To me… to you… Men are just boys in long trousers.  It is true.  Me, ever since I was a tweenager.  Even now I’m a big fan of them and their simple/simplistic catchphrase: “To me… to you…” Back in England I used to test if friends or colleagues were fans by handing them a drink […]


Die Schultüte – A German Tradition for the First Day of School

Originally posted on THE FLENSBURG FILES:
On the first day of school, German children receive a cone filled with candy and school supplies – die Schultüte. It’s a tradition dating back to the 1800s. Die Schultüte – A German Tradition for the First Day of School

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Just the Type

Charlie, the ex-MP in the HMP, mentioned in his last letter, that the conditions at HMP Wandsworth were so harsh, he wasn’t even allowed a typewriter.  This rather tickled me, so I wrote back to ask him: “What?  No typewriter allowed?  You’ll be telling me in your next letter they won’t allow you to have […]

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The Land of Stripey Sunshine

Since his sentence started in September 2020, Charlie (aka the Ex-MP in the HMP) has been corresponding with me once a month. After being moved from prison to prison, cell to cell, in the first half of his sentence (one year with remission), he’s now settled into his currently place of residence, HMP Wandsworth. I […]


Special Edition Blog – Assaults on Emergency Workers

You will have seen coverage of a reported incident this week in which one of our police officers was assaulted. As there has been a charge on the case, I am not able to say anything further about this whilst the case goes through the court process. What I can, and want, to talk about…

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Private Eye in a Bog Standard Comprehensive School

On my day off earlier this week I was traversing Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof, when much to my surprise, I found the bookshop sold Private Eye satirical, humour and investigative journalism magazine magazine, albeit for €5.20, twice the UK price, but worth every cent. Trebles all round! I was not tired and emotional… The latest edition is […]

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Turn the volume up!

I love the ukelele. I love George Formby. Now sit back and listen to this fine version of my favourite song of his. Long live me little stick of Blackpool rock!

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Whack that volume button up

Georgie Fame has a very distinctive voice. At the other end of this scale, so did Christopher Cross. I haven’t heard this one on t’radio for years. Such a pity, too. Long live New York City!

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Working the Night Shift

Two decades ago I used to work shifts in the telecoms sectors. I quite enjoyed working nights and weekend. More money, and often less work to to do in the nights. There’d often be only four of us working the night shift. It would often get so quiet, I’d bring in videos for the team […]