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Pray for them

Two and a bit months ago, our chaplain proposed an evening prayer service for one Monday a month.  I told him I probably would not attend as Monday was my heaviest day and usually early bedtime day.

Then Schatz’ mum fell ill, needing hospitalisation and almost daily clinic treatment.

Then Ukraine “happened.”  We now have 1600 refugees a stone’s throw away from our church.

I urged Schatz to keep praying for Mamalein.  I decided to set an example and pray for Mamalein every Sunday at church and at the monthly prayer evening service.

Mamalein’s health is a personal tragedy.  War in Ukraine is also a tragedy.  The two tragedies are not in competition.  They are both worthy of heart-felt prayer.

Yesterday evening, I prayed with three British members of congregation, our chaplain, and five Ukrainian refugees, newly arrived on Tuesday.  The Ukrainians prayed fervently with us.  Afterwards, one of them told me they would pray for Schatz and Mamalein on returning to their accommodation.

Long live prayer!

By Samuel Peeps Dairyist

I am a Dairyist. I like typos. I live on Planet Earth.

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