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Stay in Your Own Lane

The backseat driver (BSD), the Co-Trainer.  They get on my nerves.  Immensely.  Let me give you some examples of what I’m driving at, oh, backseat driver. Long live staying in your own lane!

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A crime is a crime is a crime

War crime. Waging aggressive war is a war crime. Murdering innocent men, women and children in war is war crime. Torturing innocent men, women and children in war is war crime. Starving cities full of innocent men, women and children in war is war crime. Crime is crime is crime. Long live Ukraine!

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Not Just a Covid Expert

Back in the autumn of 1976 my Dad came back from Thornton Watlass pub in the Yorkshire Dales. “Well, I never knew there were so many experts on Northern Ireland, drinking in The Buck Inn!” That’s what he exclaimed. He had just come back from a six-month tour of duty at the Maze Prison in […]

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Be the Good Samaritan

Last Monday evening I went to, and interpreted at, a prayer service at church, where we prayed together with five Ukrainian refugees, living a stone’s throw away from church.  Since then, I have had occasionally damp eyes and lump in my throat while thinking of our new church brothers and sisters in Christ.  I’ve also […]

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Pray for them

Two and a bit months ago, our chaplain proposed an evening prayer service for one Monday a month.  I told him I probably would not attend as Monday was my heaviest day and usually early bedtime day. Then Schatz’ mum fell ill, needing hospitalisation and almost daily clinic treatment. Then Ukraine “happened.”  We now have […]

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I’ve found your purse!

It was time for my Sunday afternoon stroll.  Sunday roast consumed, belly settled, I needed fresh air and a good leg-stretch.  At least that was my excuse to avoid hearing yet another of my Dad’s anecdotes about when he was in the army in Germany back in the 1960’s. “Do tell me yet again about […]

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“I’m not trying to be an RSM, but…”

RSM: Regimental Sergeant Major, also known as the Regimental Scary Monster, the senior soldier in a British Army regiment.  Don’t cross him.  He is a strict disciplinarian, because he has to be. As Church Warden, during the recent CV-19 situation, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started a sentence when speaking to […]

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My Prison Reading List

Charlie, the MP in the HMP, has been telling me he has been reading (and writing) voraciously since he started his prison sentence in September. In our correspondence, we have been discussing what other books he could read, so I took a look at all the books I’ve ordered off Amazon since 2003. Here’s what […]

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The Remembrance period starts today in the United Kingdom. This is when we remember the fallen of all conflicts, and many, perhaps most, Britons wear their poppy. Now let’s go back twenty years. This was me in January 2000, when I was doing my military interrogators course as a member of the British Army. This […]