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Not Just a Covid Expert

Back in the autumn of 1976 my Dad came back from Thornton Watlass pub in the Yorkshire Dales. “Well, I never knew there were so many experts on Northern Ireland, drinking in The Buck Inn!” That’s what he exclaimed. He had just come back from a six-month tour of duty at the Maze Prison in […]

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Working the Night Shift

Two decades ago I used to work shifts in the telecoms sectors. I quite enjoyed working nights and weekend. More money, and often less work to to do in the nights. There’d often be only four of us working the night shift. It would often get so quiet, I’d bring in videos for the team […]

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Does Bielefeld Exist?

Does Bielefeld exist?  Have you ever been there?  Have you seen road signs pointing to it?  Is it just a Potemkin village, a façade constructed by the Bundesregierung, the Matrix and the international neo-liberal capitalist running dogs movement? Watch this clip, and you decide… Long live the conspiracy theory!

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Noch ein DDR Witz

Nach einem Besuch Honeckers in einer LPG brüten Redakteure des Neuen Deutschlands, wie sich die Bildunterschrift korrekt formulieren lässt. „Genosse Erich Honecker unter Schweinen“, schlägt ein Redakteur vor. „Besser wäre ,Genosse Erich Honecker inmitten von Schweinen‘“, meint ein anderer. „Das könnte missverstanden werden“, warnt ein weiterer Redakteur, „wir sollten nur schreiben: ,Genosse Erich Honecker, Vierter […]

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Media Studies

I enjoyed my days at sixth form college, in part thanks to the liberal studies (non-exam courses) that I did as part of gaining a general education.  One of them was Media Studies.  One lesson was all about different newspapers having different angles and “spins.”  At the start of the lesson we were given a […]